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Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Logistics & Supply Chain recruitment specialists in Canada and the USA since 1990.  

Successful companies prosper through attracting talented people. That’s what drives us.

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We are the longest serving and only specialist Recruiter in Canada that is accepted as an Associate Member
CIFFA -  Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association
and CSCB - Canadian Society of Customs Brokers.

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     Top Priority Search: Education Programs Officer - CCS - Ottawa, ON

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- Executive Search: Confidential, thorough and focused on the fit of the successful candidate to the corporate culture and expectations.
- We understand the Industry and its terms of reference and ask the right questions to narrow the focus on what you want in a successful candidate.
- Our success ratio in placing qualified people in key positions is significantly higher than the recruitment industry averages.
- The best people are rarely looking and need to be approached, utilizing the latest techniques, including social media such as Linkedin and other resources.
- We have a strong internet presence. Our Google ranking is very high for key industry search terms.
- Our long-term involvement with CIFFA and the CSCB strengthens our market recognition at all levels of position authority.
- We conduct extensive and verbatim references for finalist candidates selected, according to individual client instructions.
- Background checking resources are available to the employer who wishes to utilize these for security-sensitive positions.
We strongly support industry education and have links to educational programs
by leading associations and providers: http://buckleysearch.com/education.htm

- Logistics Institute
and many more
- Buckley Search Inc. is the only Internet resource for updated Canadian Salary Averages in Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage and Corporate Logistics.
- These averages are provided annually to hiring executives since 1990.
- These Averages are purchased through the 2015 Salary Averages menu button in the toolbar located above the founders' images.
- Over 90  senior executive, middle management, supervisory and operations positions are represented.
- This information is unique to Buckley Search Inc. and is updated yearly.
- We use GeoTrust EV SSL Certificates which are granted only to firms that have undergone an extensive verification and validation process.
- Buckley Search Inc. finds the right people in a competitive marketplace.
- We succeed by focusing on the best fit, bringing top talent together with dynamic companies.
- We have 25 years experience solving key hiring problems in Freight, Customs & Logistics.
- We provide useful recruitment tools, including the Guide To Candidate Selection - see our Employer's Resources page for details

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