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The only Recruiters accepted as Associate Members of CIFFA & the CSCB since 1990.



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International Air/Ocean Freight Forwarding Manager - Milton, ON

Warehouse Manager - CargoWise - Freight Forwarding/3PL - Milton, ON

Client Services Representative (Sr) - Customs Broker - Mississauga, ON

Tariff Analyst - Customs Broker - Mississauga, ON

Air/Ocean Imports/Exports Coordinator - Halton region

Ocean Imports Coordinator - Montreal, QC

Customs Rater/Coordinator - Mississauga, ON

Business Development Specialist - Vancouver, BC

Business Development Manager - Pacific Rim - Vancouver, BC

Operations Manager - Air/Ocean - Mississauga, ON

Account Manager/LCB - Customs Broker - Buffalo, NY

Recently Hired Positions:

Customs Release Agent - Customs Broker - Mississauga, ON

Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing Specialist - Mississauga, ON

CFO - Chief Financial Officer - Freight Forwarding - Mississauga, ON

Load Brokerage Manager - Freight Forwarding - Mississauga, ON

Licensed Customs Broker - Branch Manager Ft Erie, ON

Customs Manager - Mississauga, ON

Air Imports Supervisor - Dorval, QC

Trade Compliance Specialist - Newmarket, ON

Ocean Imports Coordinator - Brampton, ON

Truck Logistics Coordinator - Burlington, ON

Customs Manager - Mississauga, ON

Ocean Imports Coordinator - Brampton, ON

Air/Ocean Imports Supervisor - Toronto, ON

National Customs Manager - London, ON

Junior Ocean Imports - Brampton, ON

Account Coordinator - Ocean Exports - Oakville, ON

Air/Ocean Imports Logistics Coordinator- Mississauga, ON

Air Freight Operations Supervisor - Dorval, QC

Regional Logistics Manager - Burlington, ON

Ocean Imports/Exports Coordinator - Dorval, QC

Customs Import Manager - Montreal, QC

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