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The Insider's Guide To Job Search

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These articles are being written from the perspective of many years of
executive search experience in Freight, Customs & Logistics in Canada.

"Kevin Buckley is a highly experienced recruiter with tremendous knowledge of the industry he serves, offering excellent advice to his clients as well as the potential candidates within the industry. In addition, he willingly and freely shares his expertise with job seekers, even those who are not within the sectors he serves. His "Insider's Guide To Job Search" is a valuable collection of tips, techniques, and well directed suggestions for improving the search as well as networking and negotiation in the 21st century. .

Margaret Riley Dikel
author, The Riley Guide"

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bv Job Search For Mature Candidates - Part IV: Emailing Do's and Don'ts
bv The Virtual Interview - Looking Good!
bv The Unique Challenges Facing Mature Candidates
bv Paving The Way With Reference Contacts To Improve Your Final Offer
bv When It Comes To First Impressions, The Little Things Count - You Out!
bv  Resumes And The First Page Contents
bv  Linkedin Groups, Profiles and Networking Etiquette
bw  Don't Oversell Yourself Out Of A Job Offer!
  Handling A Low Salary Offer - Improving Your Position
  Using Linkedin To Network For Job Seekers
  Dealing With Discouragement - Daily Renewal Of Purpose
  Criminal Background Checks - Verify Your Record
  Perseverance And Patience In The Hiring Process
  Reviewing The Federal Job Bank Postings - Tips
 The Interview: Are You A Potential Leader?
   Interview Handouts: Influencing The Hiring Decision
   Patience In Negotiating - Reviewing Your Agreement
   Creating Job Alerts - Plain Text Resumes - Search Engine Tips
   Do I Stay Or Do I Go? - Weighing The Pros & Cons Of A Career Move
   Job Search For Mature Candidates Part 3 - Creating A Plan
  Job Search For Mature Candidates Part 2 - Gathering Resources
   Job Search For The Mature Candidate Part 1 - A New Reality
   Self-Marketing In A Changed Marketplace 
   Negotiating Compensation Effectively When Between Jobs
   Social Networking Sites - What's On Your Profile?
   How Do I Stand Out From The Competition?
   It's All About Relationships - Making The Human Connection
   Emailing Your Resume: Creating Buyer Interest
   Positioning Yourself For Promotion
   Changing The Student's Perspective
   Body language In An Interview: Reading The Signs
   Withstanding The Pressure of Counter Offers
   Corporate Values And Cultural Expectations  
   Organizing Your Job Search
   Frequent Interviewing Mistakes - Part II
   Frequent Interviewing Mistakes - Part I
   Signs That Your Job May Be At Risk
   Fitting In With The New Team
   Negotiating Compensation
   Wrongful Dismissal - Getting Help
   Resigning Without Burning Your Bridges
   Background Checking
   Ambition: The Desire For Progress
   Counter-Offers: Avoiding Enticement
   Misrepresentation: Truth and Integrity
   Attitudes, Values & Feelings
   Applying for Jobs By E-Mail
   Why Should We Hire You?
   Staying Focused in an Interview
   A Guide To Successful Interviewing
   Questions To Ask Employers
   Assessing Potential Employers
   Overcoming Inertia: Moving Forward
   Job Satisfaction: Defining Your Needs
   Job Boards - Your Internet Postings
   Cover Letters: Brief & Focused
   Your Interview Begins On The Telephone
   Making Contact: Using The Internet
   E-Resumes: What Works Best
   Your Resume: Your Career Passport
   Recruiters: What To Look For
   Self-Assessment: Taking Inventory
   I've Been Downsized - Now What?

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