2012 Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage & Corporate Supply Chain and Logistics Salary Averages
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  2012  Salary Profiles  -  $199.00  
40 Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage Management, Supervisory, Operations Positions


  2012 Salary Profiles  -  $
14 Sales & Marketing Management / Sales Executive Positions and Commissions/Incentives Plans

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2012 Salary Profiles  -  $149.00
Regional & Executive Management Positions 

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2012 Salary Profiles  -  $149.00

Corporate Supply Chain & Logistics Positions

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Example of a Position Profile of The Salary Averages

40 Freight and Customs Profiles: Customs Manager, Global Firm, Local Customs Manager, District Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Export Manager, Import Manager, Branch Manager, Warehouse Manager, Projects Manager, Transborder Manager, Senior Customs Consultant, Mid-level Customs Consultant, Export Supervisor, Customs Supervisor, Import Supervisor, Projects Coordinator, Transborder Supervisor, Senior Air/Ocean Export Agent, Senior Ocean Export Agent, Senior Air Export Agent, Senior Ocean/Air Import Agent, Senior Ocean Import Agent, Senior Air Import Agent, Senior Customs Rater, Intermediate Air/Ocean Export Agent, Intermediate Ocean/Air Import agent, Intermediate Customs Rater, Intermediate Air Export Agent, Intermediate Air Import Agent, Intermediate Ocean Export Agent, Jr. Air/Ocean Export Agent, Jr. Air/Ocean Import Agent, Jr. Air Import Agent, Jr. Air Ocean Import Agent, Jr. Air Export Agent, Jr. Ocean Export Agent, Refunds/Drawbacks Agent, RMD Agent

17 Executive Profiles: Country Manager, Senior Vice-President, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Vice-President & General Manager, Vice-President, Operations, Vice-President, Ocean Freight, Vice-President, Customs, Vice-President, Air Freight, Director of Sales, Director of Customs, National Projects Director, National Customs Manager, Regional Vice-President, Regional Operations Manager, Regional Customs Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Director, Transborder

14 Sales & Marketing Profiles:  
Regional Sales Manager, District Sales Manager, Director of Sales, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, National Accounts Executive, Senior Sales Executive, Transborder Sales Executive, Freight Forwarding Sales Executive, Freight/Customs Sales Executive, Far East Imports Sales Executive, Intermediate Sales Executive, Inside Sales Executive, Client Service Representative

28 Corporate Logistics and Supply Chain Profiles:   Vice-President, Purchasing, Vice-President, Logistics, Logistics Director, Director of Distribution, Director of Customs, Director of Warehousing, Materials Director, Corporate Traffic Manager, Corporate Fleet Manager, Customs Manager, Customs Compliance Manager, Logistics Manager, Materials Manager, Purchasing Manager, Traffic Manager, Distribution Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Warehouse Manager, Customs Supervisor, Logistics Supervisor, Intermediate Buyer, Senior Buyer, Logistics Coordinator, Customs Coordinator, Traffic Coordinator, Dispatcher, Purchasing Clerk, Traffic Clerk



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