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Key hiring priority
 : Custom/Trade Compliance - senior level - Markham, ON  - posted on new site Jan 30, 2021

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New: Senior Policy Lobbyist - Ottawa, ON
New: Supervisor, Air Freight Imports - Dorval, QC
New: Operations Manager - Freight Forwarding - Air/Ocean - Dorval, QC
New: Logistics Coordinator/Supervisor - Freight Forwarding - Dorval, QC
New: Intermediate to Senior Customs Rater- Work remotely
New: Projects Coordinator - International Freight Forwarding - Mississauga, ON
New: Import/Export Air/Ocean Logistics Coordinator - Mississauga, ON - Hired
New: Import Logistics Supervisor - Freight Forwarding - Montreal, QC

New: Finance Manager - Freight Forwarding - Mississauga, ON

Customs Specialist - Importer - Richmond Hill - competition now closed - position Hired

Mergers & Acquisitions Searches:

We are searching for an ocean exports Freight Forwarder, or a Transloader with strong links to the railways for acquisition, merger or significant investment specifically: Montreal or Vancouver, as well as companies located in the West, Midwest and Eastern Seabord states:
WA, OR, CA, ND, SD, MN, WI, MI, IN, IL, OH, PA, MD, CT, MA, NY and NJ.

  • Canada: top-line revenues of selected firms will range between the $8-$10M area up to $150M (+CAD).
  • USA: top-line revenues of selected firms will be between $8-$10M, up to about $120M (+USD)

Our client is a freight forwarder, a major exporter of ocean containers and is interested in Acquiring, Merging with
or Investing in firms in Canada and the USA that are within these top-line revenue ranges. We are retained by our client
to introduce to business owners in these regions our client's objectives for mutual growth.

Mobile-friendly sites for information on the Acquisition, Merger or Investment
opportunities in Canada and the USA:

More details on the Canadian M&A opportunities
are here: https://buckleysearchcanada.com

More details on the US company M&A opportunities
are here: https://buckleysearchusa.com

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Managing Director - Canada - Freight Forwarding - Hired

Regional Manager, Quebec - Freight Forwarding - Dorval, QC

Sales Manager, Air/Ocean - Freight Forwarding - Mississauga, ON

Ocean Exports Coordinator - Mississauga, ON

Ocean Exports Associate - Burlington, ON

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